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Here is a SPECIFIC breakdown of my system equipment:

AVID Meridian / Media Composer XL1000

- Two NEC Dplus CPU 20" Monitors
- Pair of Roland MA-12 speakers
- 1402VLZpro Mackie 14 X 2 audio mixer
- DVW-A500 Sony Digital Betacam player/recorder running serial digital
- 5100D Leader Analog/Component/Serial Digital waveform/vector
- CD450 Tascam CD player
- Panasonic Mini-DV player/recorder
- PVM20M4U Sony 20" SMPTE C Phosphor Color Monitor
- AG2560 Panasonic Industrial VHS player/recorder
- Panasonic DVD player/recorder
- AR71 Composite Horita Time Base Corrector
- Imation floppy disc drive

All is mounted in a 44 space Middle Atlantic castered rack with a smoked glass door.

Operator sits on an Aeron chair at a Forecast Personal workstation console which holds the mouse, keyboard and CPU monitors.