Antique Phongraph Music Hour

MAC's podcast
featuring disc and cylinder recordings
from the pre-electric period played on period crank up machines
restored to their original lo-fi glory.

MAC is a lifelong record collector who became fascinated by the early history of recorded sound and the disc and cylinder crank up machines that play the records. MAC created The Antique Phonograph Music Program on WFMU in 1995 for over 20 years as a way to share the love of the acoustic era of our recorded history. The entrancing sound of gramophones, Victrolas and phonographs is a way to time travel and be immersed in the way people listened to music more than 100 years ago. MAC continues to bring these machines to the public through demonstrations and is the premiere "Phonograph DJ" with a concept he created and has taken him by command performance around the country and world.

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